Daisey Kane

Daisey Kane

For a while there I was
public menace
number one. The symbol
of all that was
wrong in Spoon River. Just
get rid of me
and all would be perfect
and pure. Except
how much of Don Howard’s
kickbacks found their
way to the town coffers?
Or the windfall
in stock Judge Fairlawn cashed
in after he
ruled in the favor of
Deegan Partners?
And didn’t Reverend
Sheaffer live in
a mansion while most of
his flock was poor?

And how much of the town
was paid for with
money that came from “fees”
and “taxes” and
“punitive judgments” on
what they called vice.
How much money from my
pocket paid for
the schools, the streets, the cops,
the services
that made Spoon River run?
Do you wonder
why they never shut me
down completely?

If they had tried, the town
would have fallen
apart, along with their
moral veneer.

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