Shelly Leithouse

Shelly Leithouse

As a kid, all that I
listened to was classic rock. But when
I went to the U.K.
for a study abroad year, I was
exposed to so many
different new sounds. And then my friends dragged
me to the festival
at Glastonbury, and I spent twelve
blissful hours in the
Experimental Sound Field. I walked
away a changed person.

I came back to Spoon River with my
DJ boyfriend and tried
to open a club. He took off soon
thereafter, but I did
not give up. I spent the next decade
trying to bring music
and joy and life to this dreary town.

But the powers that be
finally forced me to close down my
Cathedral. Soon after
I got sick, and to their glee I did
not recover. I don’t
know why I could never escape them.
And now I will lie here
forever where there is no music.

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