Russell Diedrich

Russell Diedrich

I was driving home from a
party one night, and the sheriff
pulled me over. I hadn’t
been doing anything wrong, but
he put me face down on the
pavement anyway. He searched my
car without probable cause,
and found the remains of a joint.

He screamed at me, then pulled out
his awful nightstick and beat me
with it. I scrabbled back to
my car. He’d stopped his search when he
found the pot, so hadn’t found
the gun. He swung the stick at my
head, and I shot him in the
neck. He fell to the pavement and
I ran away while he bled
to death. When I turned myself in,
the guards beat on me without
mercy, until my attorney
Kyle Kerns was able to
have me transferred. But the Judge who
had my case was a close friend
of Christian Deegan, who had made
Logan the Sheriff in the
first place, so I knew it would be
the chair. But Kerns cut a deal
to stop his investigation
into Deegan’s stock fraud and
manipulation, in exchange
for giving me a shortened
prison sentence. They gave me a
thirty-year stretch, but I was
let out after fourteen of them.

While I was on the inside,
I taught myself how to play chess.
There was a program where you
could play correspondence matches
against professionals and
ranked experts. One time, I fought an
International Master
until he offered me a draw.

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