Archibald Carlin

Archibald CarlinI thought I didn’t have a prayer with
a jury that had Dutch
Wallis as its foreman. What happened
was, we lived next door to
the Bandlers. And Dick Bandler and I
frequently had disputes
about our property lines, and how
one of my trees over-
hung his property. And Sheila and
Lila Bandler didn’t
get along either after some row
over where the school bus
should stop. But one day I decided
that we needed to make
a better attempt at neighborly
friendship. I went over
to compromise and try for a fresh
start. Lila answered the
door and invited me in. We were
in the kitchen, when she
started screaming “Rape!” Dick ran in with
a gun pointed at me,
and I fled. Sheriff Reade was at my
door an hour later.

Throughout the ordeal – the press and the
trials and being kept
apart – Sheila always believed my
version of the story
over their lies. Thankfully, the State
Appellate court did too.

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