Lawrence Viola

Lawrence ViolaThere’s always a crossroads where “might-
have-been” and “was” will
intersect. Mine was when I was
twenty-five. I had
a business plan. A fiancée.
But no money, and
few ways to get enough. But I
did have a rich Aunt
Rochelle. She kept teasing me with
“maybe” and “perhaps”
when I asked for an investment.
But she never said
“Yes.” She spent her time moving her
money back and forth,
plotting to make a quarter–cent
here, a half-cent there,
and losing money on fees. All
while lecturing me
about Ayn Rand, and how I should
make my own success.
So I picked one direction at
my crossroads, and I
poisoned Aunt Rochelle. It was not
hard. The coroner
said it was a heart attack. I
got her money. I
married Penny. My business was
a wild success.
Nobody ever caught me and
I never looked back.

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