Landon Ambrose

Landon AmbroseThere is a magical
moment just before a snow,
where it seems like sound can’t
travel more than a few feet.
It’s on nights like that, that
I did my best work. With the
alarm disabled, it
was nothing to get inside.
The fires were all set
precisely, the misleading
evidence put in just
the right spots. It was only
because that damn cop was
walking around outside, where
he shouldn’t have been, that
we got nabbed. The building burned
down anyway. The job
got done. And we took the fall.

When I got out eight years
later, there was a gleaming
new cathedral to good
government where we killed the
old one. I heard there’s a
bust of the Old Man in the
lobby. Don’t know for sure.
I never set foot inside.

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