Remington Paisley

Remington PaisleyHe would not have been remembered, if
it weren’t for me. His books
had mostly been forgotten, but they
came back into vogue near the
end of his life. And why do you think
that was? In the short time when
he was famous, I was a boy in
the village and heard stories
of how he used to teach in Sunday
school and take long walks wearing
a queer-looking hat, or how he would
prattle on to the matrons
about Solomon or Suleiman
or syphilis. Later, when
I had grown and reached a place of small
influence in the world of
letters, I dug out his forgotten
stories, added them to my
syllabus, and wrote some few pieces
for the major journals. Soon,
there was a flowering revival.
But was he grateful? Did he
thank me? He just squinted at me with
irritation, as if I
distracted him from important things.
But what is more important
than legacy? Would he have his, had
I not been his champion?
Did he think he did it all alone?
Was my value so paltry?

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