Kenan Connor

Kenan ConnorThey always said I
was slow. And they said that
Doctor Centrone was
my real father, because
I looked like him, but
he said he wasn’t. And
even though I was
slow, people were nice to
me and gave me things
to do to help out. I
was good at taking
care of their animals,
so I walked a lot
of dogs and fed a lot
of cats and fish, and
one time I even got
to feed a turtle.
But nobody believed
me that I could hear
what the animals were
saying, and could talk
back to them, and that’s why
I was so good at
taking care of them. But
it was true. It took
me a while, but I learned
to stop saying it,
because folks would get that
look in their eyes that
meant they were gonna get
serious. When I
got sick, I could talk to
lots of other things,
like flowers and grass and
soil. And then I
saw folks who had died when
I was small, and they
told me to not be scared.
So I wasn’t. I
came here and talked to the
grass and the trees and
the dirt to tell them I’d
be there soon, and they
were happy to see me.

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