Idris Earle

Idris EarleI was an ardent
Democrat, and backed
the ticket, fought for
it. But I broke with
my liberal friends
on one issue that
perplexed them. I would
not back down on funds
for exploring space.
I know the money
could have been used for
education, to
fight poverty, to
ease suffering. And
I know there was waste
that stuffed the pockets
of oligarchs and
scammers and weapons
dealers. But it is
a fact that we held –
you still hold – power
to destroy all life
on this planet. And
those kinds of genies
never go home to
their bottle. So it
is imperative
that we send people
to other planets.
To ensure that our
species survives. My
time has passed, and so
has my danger. But
make time for yourselves,
and for your children,
on Earth or elsewhere.

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