The Salaryman

The SalarymanWhen I was
ten, my folks gave me a super-8
and I fell in love with making films.
In college,
I won a prize at a festival
and I moved
to the city to break in to the
But all the entry-level jobs were
held by the
children of the rich and connected
who could work
for no money. I took an office
job and tried
to work around it. Before I knew
it, twenty
years had passed, and I’d become the vice-
of the firm, with a family and
a mortgage,
and no more time left. So I gave up
my dreams. But
by the time I passed on and was sent
here, I had
made enough money and knew enough
people so
that my kids could work those entry jobs
for free. Each
generation gets a bit further.

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