Glenn Austen

Glenn AustenIt was a little
bit after my sister
Alexandra was
arrested for arson
that I got chosen
for jury duty. I
tried to get excused
by telling them about
her, but the judge was
unmoved. They selected
me to serve on the
murder trial of that
dentist, Doctor Stahl
for killing his patient
Zadie-Mae Lemmons.
Each day we sat there and
heard evidence of
their tawdry affair, of
how she got pregnant,
and his desire to
cover it up. Saw
the gruesome photos of
how he tried. And as
I listened, I despaired,
because I saw that
no matter how much you
love at the start, it
always turns to hatred.

We found him guilty,
and that night I went home
to my pregnant wife
and shot her in the head.
If the boys had been
home I would have killed them
too. As it was, when
I tried to shoot myself,
the gun jammed. There was
a standoff, and I tried
to provoke the cops
into doing the job
for me, but they were
remarkably restrained.
I don’t know why. It
took four years of trials
and appeals before
they killed me anyway.
I would have saved them
the time and the trouble.

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