Park Shin Min

Park Shin MinMy tiny town
outside Wonju
so stifled
me, I left as
soon as I could.
I worked in
the clubs near the
bases. I
waltzed with Majors
and traded shots
with Privates.
But I always
knew it was a
short-term gig,
and I saved my
money. At age
I bought myself
a one-way plane
ticket to
And who should be
in the seat
next to mine, but
old Sergeant Pat,
who I knew
quite well from the
old days. We struck
a deal and
I lived with him
in Spoon River.
For more than
twenty years, they
all believed we
were married.
We did nothing
to dissuade them
from that thought.
When the cancer
came, I forbade
Patty from
sending me back
to Korea.
This is home.

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