Allan Bivans

Allan BivansI spent most of my
life struggling for the
control over my
family’s chain of gas
stations. My brother
resented me because
our father sent me
to college, while he had
to stay home and work
the business. When Dad died
and left it all to
us, he did everything
he could to force me
out and make my life Hell.
Every day was filled
with arguments about
oil and gasoline.
One day, I was in a
restaurant, looking
at the salt shakers on
all the tables, and
recalling that once, salt
was the most valued
substance in the world. And
I imagined two
Silk Road-trading brothers
locked in a never-
ending feud over their
salt, and how silly
that would look to modern
folks. At that moment,
I decided to sell
him my half of the
business. I was on my
way to tell him, and
imagining how I
would use the proceeds
to start a whole new life
for myself far from
here, when I had the stroke.

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