Anya Kirillov

Anya KirillovI came here from
Poland when I was a girl, and
got work as a
domestic in the White home. One
day, when Mrs.
White was out, Mr. White trapped me
in the kitchen.
I kept quiet, afraid they would
send me back to
Poland. But soon I began to
show. And Mrs.
White came to me. I thought she would
kill me. But she
had a plan. They had no children
of their own, so
she would take the baby and claim
that it was hers.
I’m sure that Mr. White gave her
many other
things to placate her wrath. So we
both stayed out of
sight until the baby came. Then
they quietly
sent me to work somewhere else. Years
later, I found
Dolph Kirilov, and we built our
own family.
And it was sweet. But whenever
people saw me
crying at the eloquence of
one of Benson
White’s speeches, they had no idea
that inside I
was screaming that he was my son.

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