Michael Malankov

Michael MalankovYou do me wrong. You all blame
me for failing to stop the land
seizure bill from passing. You
judge me as a weakling, as a
coward, for not saving you
from the greedy developers,
who twisted the law for their
own gain. But where were you? I sat
in the legislature for
twenty years. And each convention,
each close race, each battle, you
always found some reason not to
vote, not to use your voice, some
excuse to not participate.
You all relied on me to
defend you, and didn’t bother
to learn what that meant. So yes,
I needed to use the Men’s room
during that long debate. Since
I had no help, they were able
to use a trick of the rules
to call a vote while I was gone.
So blame me all you want. But
you ask too much of your leaders.

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