Columbus Lesley

Columbus LesleyAfter years climbing the ladder,
I split from my friends when
I saw they had betrayed what I
thought we’d stood for. I tried
to build a new party with the
other disaffected.
But the bar to entry was too
high, and we failed. So I
bent my new apparatus to
capture positions of
power in my old party. And
I was successful for
a time, until the deals I cut
and the crimes I covered
up were exposed. My followers
pushed me out, and took the
reins for themselves. As a payoff
to keep me quiet, they
made me a member of the board
controlling the remnants
of the bankrupt Deegan Group. I
was supposed to collect
my checks, keep quiet and grow old.
But I made that office
into my weapon of revenge.
And I lived out my days
denying that money to all
who wanted a piece of
it. The older I grew, the more
they despised me, and the
more they were forced to listen to
what I wanted. Their hate
became my only sustenance,
and it kept me alive
well into my ninth decade, much
to their consternation.

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