Paulie “Perch” Rucker

Paulie “Perch” RuckerWe come from the ocean,
and we build shoals in
the wide, waterless world.
Deegan, the Orca, with
his wake of pilot
fish feeding off of him.
And Robin Parker, a
Barracuda of
cunning temperament, locked
in combat with gallant Swordfish
Kyle Kerns, always
brandishing his weapon
before him. Can you see
Gio Moss the Crab,
scuttling away from
his latest meal, looking
for another shell
to climb into? Efa,
a sad-eyed Catfish who
can see all the muck
and misery that skim
the bottom? Tysha, an
Amazon Molly,
relying only on
herself. And Mellor the
comedian, a
Grouper with a giant
mouth he never could close.
The porpoise Moreland,
too playful for his own
good, caught in the stinging
nettles of Donald
Howard, the Jellyfish.
And you. Are you a shark
or a mere prawn?
A giant squid or just
plankton to be gobbled
up by the others?
But we all fear the great
Fisherman, who snags us
up in his nets and
carries us to our doom.

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