The Skeptic-Believer

The Skeptic-BelieverMy town was
full of people who worshipped
fire gods and revenants and
things that went
bump in the night. And it had
people who decried Faith as a
and an invitation to
bamboozlement. But having Faith
is much more
important that believing
in a deity, nor does it
believing in anything
supernatural. Faith is a
rational position. Faith
is the opposite of Control,
and it’s a
crucial survival skill in
a world where so many things are
outside of
your ability to change.
The world continues to revolve,
even if
you don’t, can’t, won’t validate
every microscopic piece of
it. If you
try to check each possible
outcome, every permutation,
you will lose
your mind and your self. So the
only rational answer is
Faith. Faith that
the planet will still be there
tomorrow. Faith that she loves you.
Faith that things
you do have meaning to some
one, even if you can’t see it.

I hated
God. My Faith was the bedrock
of my life and my happiness.

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